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On the 20 August 2014, in a presentation held at the Hawk depot in Grafton, Hawk donated essential equipment and supplies to help the local fight against Ebola spreading into the Grafton Community. Donated to the Grafton Development Organization (“GDO”) for dispersal into the Community included, water containers for sterile hand wash, chlorine, bandages and first aid kits.

On behalf of the Grafton Community, Mr Wallace thanked Hawk for this gift, and everything else they were doing for the Community. These donations would go a long way to help educate the people of Grafton and control the possible spread of the virus.

Matt Thornton, General Manger and colleagues were on hand to make the presentation. Matt was delighted to make the presentations, maintaining the close relationships between Hawk and the GDO, and hoping the donation would provide assistance to reduce any possible spread of the virus into the community.