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The Street Child Sierra Leone Marathon was held in Makeni on Sunday 26th May 2013.

Hawk had three entrants in the 13km (half marathon). Site foreman, Paul Green, camp supervisor, Patrick Sesay and Lab technician, Mark Culbert.

The three runners were driven from their base at Rofanye for the 6am start. A group of Hawk supporters travelled up from the Grafton camp, to cheer the guys on, including Daisy the Hawk medic who volunteered her services to Street Child for the day.

Arriving in Makeni, the weather was, by African standards, perfect for running. There was full cloud cover, and low temperatures. All along the route through the town the streets were full of supporters cheering each runner along.

Our first glimpse of a Hawk runner was Paul. Shortly after Paul came Mark. Both guys had a look of determination on their faces and it was obvious both were intent on conquering the challenge ahead of them.

We watched all the runners pass through, including the President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Kamara. We never caught site of Patrick.

As the road cleared with runners it was opened for us to make our way to the finishing line.
In 1 hour 47 minutes, Paul Green crossed the finishing line. A great achievement in such difficult conditions. He was soaked in sweat and looked shattered.

Within a few minutes of Paul came our Grafton Camp Supervisor, Patrick Sesay.

Shortly after, Mark crossed the finishing line to plenty of applause.

Everybody began to relax, and we listened to the stories the guys had to tell about their run.

Patrick was invited by Street Child to go for a short flight in a helicopter that had been laid on for a selected few to view Makeni and the ‘full’ marathon runners from the air.

Hawk donated the use of a vehicle to transport guests to the helicopter and back.

It turned out a very enjoyable, and well organised day. The aim next year is for Hawk to have more runners and more supporters attend the event, so as to raise our ever growing popularity and status in Sierra Leone.

Thank you to Paul, Mark and Patrick for their sterling efforts, and for also raising an approximate total between them of £1500 for Street Child.